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Ditch the chaos of multiple WhatsApp groups! Quick9 is a new app that empowers golf groups, societies and communities to take control of their golf experience. With Quick9, your group can find and manage playing opportunities, enhance participation, and keep the focus where it belongs—on the game.
Quick has enabled me to easily organise a number of games with people I previously didn't know. I thoroughly recommend it.
- Nick W
Absolutely love the new Quick9 app. It's so easy to set up games and invite others to join. The functionality is so simple to use.
- Chris W
Finally an App that helps arrange, diarise and record rounds with my golfing group. No more clunky use of WhatsApp. Game changer!
- Iain P
I have found Quick9 very easy to use and have met some great golfer partners in the short time I have used it already. Give it a try!
- Iain W
I particularly like the Quick 9 App as its great for meeting new people with no obligation, with a very user-friendly process.
- Jack W
Great app that allowed me to meet and play sociable golf, Quick9 made joining the club a more enjoyable process.
- Ben H

Group Golf, Simplified

Supercharge your golf group with Quick9—the all-in-one platform that simplifies scheduling, tracks performance, and keeps communication on point. Whether it’s casual rounds or competitive leagues – Quick9 takes the hassle out of golf group organisation.
Effortlessly sign up your golf group, society, club or community with Quick9, invite your friends and members, and begin organising your golf schedule. Or, join an existing group for a new take on managing golf participation.
Organise and share group events, and allow members to organise both public and private games. Invite players, centralise coordination, and remove participation uncertainties, making group golf more accessible and enjoyable.
Group members can easily confirm their place in events, games, and leagues through Quick9. They also have the flexibility to withdraw if circumstances change, ensuring certainty regarding who's participating and who's not.
Group players can filter and search for available playing opportunities that suit their schedule and preferences, enhancing the golf experience and promoting more social interaction among your golf group or community.
Keep an eye on group scores, performance, and rankings using game leaderboards. Create or join various ‘order of merit’ style leagues to inject a healthy dose of competitive play and gamify your group's golfing schedule.
Enable your golf group to organise, track, and stay updated on playing opportunities and schedules. Notifications and comments centralise golf activity updates, reducing irrelevant and inappropriate WhatsApp clutter.


  • Streamline group golf coordination in one user-friendly platform
  • Ensure clear participation planning for smoother golf events
  • Easily enhance the competitive edge in your golfing experience
  • Find playing opportunities and meet new golfing buddies
  • Reduce the admin burden with hassle-free league management
  • Eliminate the noise for clear, golf-focused communication

Streamline Group Golf

Designed for golf communities, societies, rollups, buddy groups, and more, Quick9 transforms your group golfing experience into one that's more organised, enjoyable, and connected. Download Quick9 now and simplify your golf group coordination!

Golf, Your Way

For Groups
From large public communities to smaller groups, Quick9 makes it easy to find and coordinate games and engage in group leagues. Bid farewell to missed playing opportunities and the noise of WhatsApp; Quick9 ensures golf is the primary focus, just as it should be.
For Societies
Utilise Quick9 to seamlessly manage society events, help members find playing opportunities, and connect with like-minded golfers. The platform also streamlines the administration of various competitive society leagues, guaranteeing smooth organisation and participation.
For Clubs
Quick9 empowers clubs to cultivate thriving communities by allowing them to create dedicated club groups, enhancing new member integration, and facilitating the discovery of playing opportunities. Furthermore, it's a valuable tool for boosting both member engagement and visitor revenue.

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