Golf Rollups, Swindles and Fiddles: The Heart of Social Golf

  • Quick9 Team
  • February 6, 2024
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Are you a golf enthusiast looking for something more than the regular tee-time bookings and typical golfing routines? The world of golf rollups, swindles, and fiddles might just be what you need! This guide offers a thorough exploration of these alternative golf events, ideal for those who appreciate both the game and its social aspects.

What are Rollups, Swindles, and Fiddles?

Golf rollups, swindles, and fiddles offer a spontaneous alternative to traditional scheduling. Golfers gather at the course at a set time each week. In a typical session, players are grouped randomly, often through a draw. This spontaneous grouping introduces players to a diverse range of golfers, providing a refreshing change from the routine of playing with the same individuals. Notably, these events are known for their adaptable structure, which is particularly accommodating for golfers with varying availability and time commitments.

Popular Examples of Golf Rollups, Swindles, and Fiddles

Across the golfing world, many clubs and groups have embraced these formats, each with its unique flair and community. Here are some notable examples:

The Swindle at West Bradford Golf Club:

  • This event is known for its friendly and competitive environment, attracting golfers who enjoy both the sport and the camaraderie.

Swashbucklers Swindle at Surrey National Golf Club:

  • This club hosts a vibrant and engaging golf swindle, celebrated for its enthusiastic community and fun-filled atmosphere.

Tuesday 628 Swindle at Croham Hurst Golf Club:

  • A popular weekly event, the 628 Swindle fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among its participants.

Saturday Swindle at Puttenham Golf Club:

  • Steeped in tradition, the Saturday Swindle is a long-standing event that has become an integral part of the club’s culture.

Benefits of Participating in Golf Rollups

Joining a golf rollup, swindle, or fiddle offers a range of advantages:

Enhanced Social Interaction

  • Much like golf societies, golf fiddles, swindles and rollups serve as social hubs, where you can connect with a diverse group of individuals. These events are not just about playing golf; they’re about fostering relationships, networking, and building lasting friendships within the golfing community. The chance to interact with a variety of players from different backgrounds and skill levels enriches the social aspect of the game.

Diverse Golfing Experience

  • By playing with various partners and in different formats, you expose yourself to a wide range of playing styles and strategies. This diversity is key to enhancing your golfing skills. Each game becomes a learning opportunity, where you can observe different approaches, adapt your techniques, and experiment with new strategies in a real-game setting.

Relaxed Environment

  • The casual atmosphere of golf swindles, rollups and fiddles is perfect for those looking to enjoy the game without the intensity and pressure of formal competitions. This relaxed setting is ideal for trying out new techniques, refining your skills, or gently easing back into the game after a hiatus or slump. It’s about enjoying the game at your own pace and comfort level.

Flexible Scheduling

  • These events are tailored to accommodate golfers with busy or unpredictable schedules. Regularly scheduled, yet flexible, these gatherings provide an opportunity for more people to participate in the sport. Whether you’re a busy professional, a retiree, or someone with fluctuating commitments, there’s a place for you in these golfing events.

Community and Belonging

  •  Regularly participating in golf rollups, swindles, or fiddles cultivates a sense of community and belonging. This aspect is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced world, where connections and a sense of belonging can significantly enhance the enjoyment of any sport. Being part of a community of fellow golf enthusiasts creates a supportive and engaging environment.

Travel and Variety

  • Many fiddles, swindles and rollups extend beyond the local course, organising trips to various golf courses. This adds an exciting element of travel and variety to your golfing experience. It’s an opportunity to experience new courses, take on new challenges, and enjoy the sport in different settings and environments.

Key Components of a Successful Golf Rollup

Organising a successful golf rollup is an art. Each rollup is a unique blend of sport, social interaction, and competition. To craft an experience that resonates with participants, organisers must focus on several key elements:

Efficient Planning and Communication

  • The backbone of a successful rollup is meticulous organisation. This includes everything from careful scheduling and managing player groups to handling the logistics of the event and member communication. In our digital age, leveraging technology can be a game-changer. Applications such as Quick9 are invaluable for streamlining tasks like player registration, score tracking, and coordinating logistics. Using these tools not only eases the organisational burden but also enhances the participants’ experience by ensuring smooth and efficient event management and communication.


  • Ensuring that your rollup is inclusive and welcoming to golfers of all skill levels is fundamental. This involves creating an environment where both beginners and experienced players can thrive. Consideration should be given to how players are grouped and matched. Ensure that everyone, regardless of their skill level, feels valued and has a chance to contribute. Promoting an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity is crucial in building a supportive golfing community.

Balanced Competition

  • While fostering a competitive spirit can add excitement to the event, the primary focus should be on enjoyment and sportsmanship. It’s important to strike a balance where the competitive aspect of the game does not overshadow the fun and camaraderie that are central to rollups. Encouraging fair play and a friendly competitive environment not only makes the event more enjoyable but also fosters respect and goodwill among participants. Avoid high sign-up fees and prize money in golf swindles and rollups to encourage participation.

Consistent Scheduling

  • Regularly hosting rollup events is key to maintaining interest and developing a committed group of participants. A consistent schedule gives players something to look forward to and plan for. It also helps in establishing a sense of tradition and community within the group. This consistency is vital in nurturing a loyal participant base and in the long-term success of the rollup.

Fair Handicapping System

  • Many golf fiddles, rollups and swindles incorporate their own handicapping systems, tailored to the specific dynamics of the group. These systems, often based on previous games played, are essential for ensuring fair competition among members. A well-thought-out handicapping system allows players of varying abilities to compete on a more level playing field, enhancing the competitive balance of the event. This not only promotes fairness but also increases the enjoyment for all players. This is particularly the case where rollups, swindles or fiddles require some kind of entrance fee each week.

Variety in Playing and Scoring Formats

  • A vital aspect of enriching the rollup experience is offering a variety of playing and scoring formats. This variety caters to different preferences and skills, keeping the game fresh and engaging for all participants. For instance, some events can be structured around individual scores, appealing to those who enjoy the challenge of solo play. On the other hand, incorporating team formats like better ball, foursomes, or greensomes adds a collaborative dimension to the game.

Organising Your Own Golf Rollup Event

Embarking on the journey of starting your own golf rollup event can be a rewarding endeavour, offering a unique blend of community building, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. To ensure the success of your rollup, there are several key steps that you should consider:

Venue Selection

  • The first step is to choose an appropriate golf course that is well-suited for hosting such events. Look for venues that not only have the necessary facilities but are also receptive to the idea of regular rollup events. Collaboration with the golf course management is crucial. Engage in discussions to understand their policies and work together to ensure that the venue can smoothly accommodate your rollup. In many cases, rollups can be an important part of member onboarding for many clubs.

Establishing a Consistent Schedule

  • Regularity is key in building a successful rollup. Set up a consistent schedule, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to provide potential participants with predictability. A regular timetable allows players to plan their schedules around the rollup, increasing participation and commitment. Ensure that the chosen schedule aligns well with the availability of your target audience.

Effective Promotion and Outreach

  • To attract a diverse group of players, utilise various communication channels. This can include social media platforms, dedicated golf forums, and physical notice boards at golf clubs. Tailoring your promotional material to highlight the unique aspects of your rollup can draw more interest. Don’t overlook the power of word-of-mouth; encourage existing participants to spread the word within their golfing networks.

Clear Rules and Game Format

  • Transparency in the rules and format of the game is essential. Clearly outline the structure of the events, including any specific game formats (such as better ball, foursomes, etc.), rules, and handicap systems. This clarity helps in managing expectations and ensures fair play, making the event enjoyable for participants of all skill levels.

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency

  • In the modern age, technology can greatly enhance the management of your rollup. Consider using digital tools like Quick9 for tasks such as scheduling, score tracking, and participant communication. These tools not only simplify the organisational aspect but also enhance the experience for the players through easy access to information and streamlined communication.

Openness and Inclusivity

  • In addition to these steps, it’s also important to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and inclusivity. Encourage participants to share feedback and suggestions, creating a sense of ownership and community within the group. Remember, the goal of a golf rollup is not just to play golf, but to create an enjoyable and engaging experience that players look forward to attending. With careful planning, effective communication, and a focus on the participant experience, your golf swindle event can become a highlight in the local golfing calendar!

So, if you want a more vibrant approach to your golfing experience, consider joining a rollup, swindle or fiddle. These events offer a refreshing departure from the routine, weaving together the joy of the game with the warmth of community and the thrill of friendly competition. Golf swindles, rollups, and fiddles welcome both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike. So, grab your clubs, embrace the spirit of spontaneity, and prepare to experience the game in a whole new light.

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